This Summer we are running a series of Junior Sailing Courses in Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club. These courses are for children aged 8 - 17 and will run over 2 weeks.

To enquire about these courses or to book a place please contact us on or call us on +353 85 866 7787

We use Topaz dinghies and Skud 18 Accessible Sailing boats making our courses available for children with lots of different abilities, please contact us directly in relation to your child and we will discuss our different options with you directly.

Courses will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm each day.

Supervision for course participants will be available at the club from 08:30am to 5:30pm each day.


ISA Start Sailing course  (Level 1)

This is a very popular course and a great way for children to try out the wonderful sport of sailing to see if it's for them. We're sure they'll love it and get hooked on it!

The aim of this course is to introduce beginner sailors the new skills they'll need to learn be able to take control of a sailing boat in light winds under the supervision of their instructor. 

They'll cover lots of things including rigging up the boats for use, learning to tie some knots, sailing the boat across the wind, upwind and down wind as well as getting to grips with turning the boat around through the wind (tacking and gybing). Other topics including the basics on weather forecasts, tidal information and relevant safety issues will also be covered. 

Most importantly, your child will have a serious amount of fun with our instructors!

Course 1 - Tuesday 6th June - Friday 16th June

Course 2 - Monday 3rd July - Friday 14th July

Course 3 - Monday 31st July - Friday 11th August  (Please note: no course on Bank Holiday Monday 7th Aug)


ISA Basic Skills course  (LEVEL 2)

This is the next step up from the Start Sailing course and introduces our budding sailors to more skills. The aim is by the end of this course they will be sailing on their own in light wind conditions without the assistance of the instructor. How awesome is that?!

They'll recap everything they would have learned in their Start Sailing course to brush up and improve those skills further. They'll also cover things like picking up moorings, bringing the boat alongside piers and pontoons, learning how to recover a man overboard safely, get an introduction to some traffic rules regarding boats as well as building up their knowledge around weather forecasts and tidal information further. 


This is a fun filled course with some serious skill building and learning taking place!

Course 1 - Monday 19th June - Friday 30th June

Course 2 - Monday 17th July - Friday 28th July

Course 3 - Monday 14th August - Friday 25th August


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?

€325 for members of Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club

€377 for non members (This price includes junior membership to the club of just €52. That's great value!!)

How do I book a place?

E-mail us on or call us on +353 85 866 7787 for more information or to book.

Does my child need their own boat?

No. We will be using the club Topaz sailing dinghies for the courses. If your child has their own boat they are welcome to use that for the courses and store it in the club dinghy park.

Does my child need their own wetsuit and buoyancy aid?

Yes. We require that children have their own gear to ensure it fits them as well as it should. Don't worry if you don't have it yet though as our friends in Surfdock are offering a 10% discount to PYBC members.