2-Hour Powerboat Experience


Have you ever wanted to get out on a powerboat and try driving it for yourself? Well now's your chance! Our 2-Hour Powerboat Experience is the perfect introduction to Powerboating and is guaranteed to get you hooked!

You will meet your instructor at our Training Centre at Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club where you will receive a short safety briefing before being kitted up in weatherproof suits and personal flotation devices. You'll then head down to the marina where you'll be familiarised with the boat and learn some basic safety features before heading off.

 Now the real fun starts!

Once untied and away from the marina we'll get you onto the helm of the boat under the expert instruction of our staff. You'll get to grips with the basic handling skills for the boat at slow speed first while heading up the River Liffey on an amazing trip through the city seeing Dublin like never before.

After your exclusive trip up the Liffey when we're back in Dublin Port and you're comfortable on the wheel we'll get you to bring the power up and really get things moving! Your instructor will introduce you to driving the boat at high speeds and teach you how to turn the boat at high speeds while staying in complete control at all times. 

We'll finish up back at Poolbeg marina where there are full shower, changing and toilet facilities should you wish to use them. There is a full bar in the club too where we would invite you to enjoy a drink to quench your thirst after being out on the water for the last few hours! (Or warm the bones with a hot drink if it's chilly out!)

Our Powerboat Experiences are limited to small groups of 2 or 3 people per boat making them an extremely enjoyable and exclusive activity.

As part of this experience you will complete several elements of your ISA Introduction to Powerboating Certificate. We will register you on the Irish Sailing Association system and record your progress.

After your experience we're sure you're going to want to come back for more so we're offering you a 10% discount on your full ISA National Powerboat Certificate Training Course should you wish to progress on further with your boating and gain a recognised qualification.


For more information on this experience please contact us on info@atirl.ie or call us on +353 85 866 7787.


2- Hour Powerboat Experience for 2 People  -  €175

2-Hour Powerboat Experience for 3 People  -  €225